Training the local private sector in Simple, Market based, Affordable, and Repairable Technologies

SMART Centre Zambia

We train and guide small Zambian entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs for Water

who make Simple, Market based and Repairable Technoligies (SMART) that provide water.

Water for Entrepreneurs

who use water in their business.

Online training: Groundwater Tube recharge

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Online training: Making a well deeper with Mzuzu drilling

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Online training: Making and Using a Soil Punch

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Online training: Making a Mzuzu drill

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Self-supply works

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25 July 2017 Jacana SMART Centre presents @WEDC 2017

Jacana SMART Centre presents at WEDC: “How can Self-supply help reaching #SDG6?”
Tuesday 25 July – afternoon 15.30 – 17.00 Loughborough University UK, Session C5: Room WPT003 Espresso session 1
Jacana at WEDC 2017 Let’s talk at the exhibition site SMART Centre Group.

15 July 2017 Follow our drillers live

SMART Centre Jacana is monitoring all new boreholes and pumps. Most pumps are partly sponsored but already now, 3½ months after training, Self-supply started. Two boreholes with pumps are privately bought.
Have a look at and witness the progress. Each week you will find new pumps.

15 April 2017 Creating a Show case area

Jacana selected some villages around Chipata where 50 partly sponsored pumps will be installed. Families will be the owners of the pumps and are responsible for the maintenance. These families have a plan to earn some money with the pump, because they get access to water throughout the year. As early adopters, they pay only 10% of the costs of the pump. These families will be role models and will motivate others families to buy pumps in the future.

Selection of the families

Jacana organises meetings in several villages and explains the procedure to all community members how they can become one of the lucky ones who receive a partly sponsored pump. The procedure is:
  • In an interview all participants are asked what they will do with the water when they have access to water throughout the year. They present their small business idea.
  • The most promising are invited for the business, financial and marketing training. Motivated people with a good business plan are selected.
  • Jacana visits the selected families and check if the plans are realistic. If yes, part of the costs of the pump is collected and the drillers can start.
  • The families are guided during one year in expanding their business.

14 April 2017 Welders started making pumps

The welders produced the first rope pump in their own workshop. Jacana monitors the quality and if the pump is of good quality, the welders get money for production of four more pumps. The first pump will be installed in front of their workshop as an example. The other four pumps are promotion material and stock to attract customers. When the welders sell a pump they immediately produce a new one, so there are always four on display. Gideon Pump Production

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