Jacana trains small African Entrepreneurs

in business, financial and marketing skills.


Jacana creates Role models

Entrepreneurs are visible and escape poverty on their own.


Jacana provides free training materials

Entrepreneurs are visible and escape poverty on their own.


Our work is based on Strength

Entrepreneurs are visible and escape poverty on their own.



Simple, Market based, Affordable and Repairable Technologies


Jacana trains Pump production

using local materials.

Water users

Training the local private sector in

Simple, Market based, Affordable, and Repairable Technologies

We train and guide small scale Zambian entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs for Water

who make Simple, Market based, Affordable, and Repairable Technoligies (SMART) that provide water.

Water for Entrepreneurs

who use water in their business.

Follow the work of Entrepreneurs for Water

See how they provide services to partly sponsored programmes and fully paying customers (Self-supply).


SMART Centres at World Water Week 2019

This #WWWeek SMART Centres present "Water entrepreneurs" (25 Aug) + "Sanitation entrepreneurs" (28 Aug) and more @siwi_water talk to us at our both.Read more at: www.worldwaterweek.org

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Introducing EMAS Technologies in Zambia

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Bert Pfleger member of the EMAS board (Germany). Together with Wolfgang Buchner, who is the founder of the EMAS training centre and has more than 40 years experience in the Self-supply, we traveled to Zambia last...

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Training entrepreneurs for water in Lundazi & Chasefu

In April & May 2019, a very enthusiast and assorted group of 4 welders and 8 drillers has been trained in Lundazi, Zambia. The 12 participants were selected in several steps from a pool of 45 candidates. After interviews and visits to workshops, we...

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