Following two days of confrontations with law enforcement, at least 150 people prayed near the barricade in chilly, cloudy weather in southern North Dakota. Women in Native American regalia participated in the prayer, which stressed the need for protesters to work together. Opponents of the project have been camped near the pipeline route for months in an effort to stop construction..

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pandora earrings Then he created executive offices such as Secretary of State, Secretary of War and Attorney General. Regarding monetary matters, Washington chose financial wizard Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury (Hamilton was the inspiration for the Broadway play, Hamilton.) Pertaining to the slavery issue, since Washington wanted a gradual emancipation, not an abrupt one, he signed into law the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793. And during the Whiskey Rebellion, Washington was one of only two presidents to lead a militia into battle, thereby enforcing the power of the federal government.. pandora earrings

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